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NXTMOV School of Corporate Solutions provides corporate solutions to employers who seek to bridge the skill gap in their workforce to ensure their human resources are effectively deployed
School of Corporate Solutions, conducts customized training programs and workshops for executives and managers.
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  •   16pf‐Personality Assessment.
  •   Employee Satisfaction Survey
  •   Relationship Aptitude Assessment


  •   Selling Skills Workshop
  •   Cross Selling Skills Workshop
  •   Leadership Training
  •   Soft Skills Training
  •   Economic & Research
  •   Wealth Management
  •   Finance for Non-Finance Executive

Investor Education

  •   Investor Awareness Program
  •   Investor Education Workshops

Cross Selling Skills Workshop

Cross-selling methods work great on existing customers. This invincible tool to offset competition, achieve more and Reaching Higher Business, training will provide proven expertise and hands-on experience on successfully implementing cross sales. Our experienced trainers help your organization in bringing in seamless transformation to foster cross sales culture. We offer customized cross sales solutions, which is blend of Training and Need Based Consultancy in the most cost effective way. Our diligently designed modules covers comprehensively all the aspects of cross selling to make your teams perform all round.

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Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are personal characteristics that relate to a person's capability to interact effectually with others. Soft skills trainings are being highly prioritized and recognized today by corporate institutes as being essential to relationships. Initially, soft skills training in India was conducted for the front line and middle management based on the assumption that senior level executives are adept at it.However, today it is a vital part of all soft skill training for managers and above, also known as leadership training. The NXTMOV methodology for creating and conducting corporate soft skills training programs is to customize each program intricately to meet the needs and objectives of the organization. Having a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges help us to identify the skills and knowledge that will create the difference. Each program is interactive, participatory and includes readiness and reinforcement activities.

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Economic Research:

We are going through an era of constant changes; economies are inter-connected much deeper then ever before. For decision makers and client facing team members it is essential to understand the impact of economic event on their business or investments. Effect of demonetization, GST or internationally effect of Brexit has impact on various sectors though differently. In this training course participants are taken through both top-down approach and bottom-up approach of analysis. Starting with fundamentals of economic parameters, changes in economic variables, impact analysis. Second important coverage is analysis of industry or sectoral analysis to give an overview of industries crucial parameters to be watched, And Finally insight to analysis of a company from the perspective of growth, profitability, and valuation. This training program equips participants with much needed economic –industry – company insights to enhance knowledge and skills needed to analyze economic activities

Investor Education Program

Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest; for only knowledge can lead to true freedom! Investor Education is for promotion of investor’s awareness and protection of the interests of investors. SEBI has always impressed upon that  'Investor Education is a Critical component of Investor Protection mandate. Educated investor is financially independent.'  Thus, a well-informed investor is well-protected investor. Investor education & awareness programs are conducted by SEBI from time to time through various Investor associations all over the country and also through various stakeholders viz. Stock Exchanges, Depositories, Mutual Funds Association and Association of Merchant Bankers etc. The objective of IEAI is to provide insightful knowledge and information to investors about investing in mutual funds and thereby enable them to take informed investment decisions.

NXTMOV, has a number of times, conducted investors' awareness and protection programs aiming at promoting financial education among investors to reach their personal financial goals and shift from reactive to proactive decision-making and work towards fulfilling these goals. Under this initiative, the several special types of financial awareness programs are planned, which aim to educate market participants about the investment opportunities available in the equity market.

Since the inception of NXTMOV, we have been exercising principles of integrity, honesty and transparency in all our dealings. NXTMOV also values the trust reposed in by the clients and is committed to uphold it at all costs. So, in order to facilitate market participation, we conduct investor awareness program across India from time to time. We at NXTMOV believe that promoting financial literacy and investor awareness remains critical to bridge this gap. As India is multi-linguistic country with average literacy levels, our effort is to promote awareness in regional languages too

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Wealth Management

Wealth management is one of the fastest growing sectors within the financial service industry. Training program caters to financial, legal, and other professionals who already work in the wealth management space and are keen to develop in-depth knowledge and expertise. It also focuses on the psychological factors influencing the customer and the advisor. The employee would reach a level to render workforce foster sophisticated techniques to assess a client’s overall financial situation and risks.

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Finance for Non Finance Executive:

Most decisions in a business organization are made with objective of profitability and its sustenance in future. Whether the manager’s background is marketing, manufacturing, distribution, research and development, or the current technologies, knowledge of finance and associated skills are a must in order to participate in the company’s decision-making, financial, and overall management processes. The objective of the course is to equip the managers and executives with knowledge and skill to manage their divisions more efficiently.

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